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Bharad Schools

Bharad Schools is “The Shrine of Knowledge” established by Shri Gijubhai Bharad, who has been felicitated by Great Scientist Late Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.

Shri Gijubhai Bharad

The soul of any institute is determined by its ideologies and the strength of these ideologies depend on the institutional founder. The founder of Bharad Schools, Shri Gijubhai Bharad is a well known name not just in Gujarat but also within and outside the country.

Shri Gijubhai has effectively completed various educational projects under G.C.E.R.T. Having conducted many radio talks, more than 4000 lectures in various institution, more than 450 seminars of 3 to 5 days, Shri Gijubhai has provided guidance and inspiration to the society especially the younger generations.

Having written over 100 books on subjects related to Psychology, Mathematics and Science and having designed various vocational courses Shri Gijubhai has been a “guru” in true sense to thousands of students.

On 10 May 2009, Bharad Foundation published a record breaking 392 books. A thousand set of these books were distributed free of cost to over 4000 villages each, starting an educational revolution.